Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shhhh! Updated released...

The Full Version of Shhhh! For Windows Account Manager is available for purchase or freely available for evaluation. The evaluation download is fully functional and you may store an unlimited amount of accounts in it.

Works with every x86 PC version of Windows since XP and up to Windows 10 32 and 64 bit.

Please though, if you use the software then consider purchasing it.

The price for each sale is only $3.00 CDN, from which 25%  of each unit sold will be donated to the Sick Kids Hospital. This way we can help out this cause together. This is not a scam.

Since the last version, only a few minor tweaks to the speed of the program and its random password generating capabilities have been improved.

I've been running mine since version and it currently has over a 150 accounts, all compressed and encrypted so all of your account data is safe.

Shhhh! Online Account Manager has undergone a recent update that addresses a few issues and adds some new features.

  • Issue fixed when shutting down the system before Shhhh! has had time to synchronize its data.
Features: New Settings on the Settings Dialog
  • Security Timer sets the amount of time in seconds before another PIN code check is required to make any Shhhh! account or macro changes, and the amount of time before the clipboard is cleared after using a Shhhh! password or macro.
  • Check PIN setting allows you to disable PIN checks operations which do not make changes to a Shhhh! account password or macro. You will always be asked for your PIN when you start the program or make any changes to a Shhhh! account or macro.
  • Clear Clipboard setting allows you to disable clearing the clipboard after sending a Shhhh! password or macro.
You can get it at the download page.

Brian Joseph Johns

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