Friday, August 14, 2015

New Shhhh! For Windows release...

Shhhh! For Windows has been updated to include some recent changes and some added features.

- New Templates available in the templates list in the Shhhh Editor

- {LAUNCH} macro command now works either with a parameter or by filling in the location of the exe target for the launch command in the URL field of the Shhhh Editor. Two new buttons have been added just above the URL field, one for Folder selections and one for File selection. They can be used to point to a folder or file to use with the launch macro command. {LAUNCH} can also be used with a parameter in the form:

{LAUNCH:URL} which will be used instead of the Url from the Shhhh Editor.


{launch:mspaint.exe} when executed would run the built-in Microsoft Paint application.

- Quick help updated

- Fixed a graphical error in the close button that left trails on the interface

- Fixed tray hint message so as to fit on the screen properly


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