Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shhhh! For Windows new release...

Shhhh! For Windows Version has just been released.

It includes new features including the ability to launch applications, folders and websites or any document with an assignable hot key. This makes opening commonly used applications, opening frequently used folders on your computer or websites on the web as simple as the press of a key combination.

It manages and stores all of your account passwords as well, encrypted and compressed to keep your data safe. Its portable too. You can copy the install folder to a usb drive for a portable password and macro solution that runs on any Windows x86 based computer from Windows XP to Windows 10.

You may now include your Shhhh generated passwords in text macros with the {SHHHH} macro command.

The tab key is now included as the {TAB} macro command.

The software is available for free to evaluate. 25% of all sales are donated to The Sick Kids hospital.


Brian Joseph Johns

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